Cookbooks / History / Memoir / Narrative / Nonfiction / Pop Culture / Psychology / Suspense / Thriller / Women's Fiction / Young Adult

Jennifer Johnson-Blalock, Liza Dawson Associates

I’m looking for nonfiction (narrative, prescriptive, and memoir) in almost all areas, especially current events, social sciences, women’s issues, law, business, history, the arts and pop culture, lifestyle, sports, and food, including cookbooks and health/wellness. I love nonfiction that uses a unique, specific story to cast light on and explore a larger issue.

More specifically, I’d love to see the following: left-leaning political books; highly readable projects rooted in psychology or sociology that explain why we act and think the way we do (STUMBLING ON HAPPINESS); history that’s quirky (THE SECRET HISTORY OF WONDER WOMAN) or has particular relevance to today’s issues (ON IMMUNITY); works situated in the classical dance world, indie/alternative music world, contemporary art world, or Hollywood at any point in history; books that help you figure out how to do life better (THE HAPPINESS PROJECT; THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP); and chronicles of a quirky community like competitive bridge players. In food, I want cookbooks that tell a story about the person writing the book or the food itself, research-based health/diet books with programs that sane people would actually follow, accessible, fun books about wine or cocktails, and food memoirs or novels that take the reader behind the scenes in a fresh way (SOUS CHEF).

In fiction, I’m interested in thrillers and suspense novels on the darker end of the spectrum, especially those with a literary bent (Tana French; Megan Abbot), with an outsider protagonist who stumbles into a conspiracy (THE PELICAN BRIEF), or with a psychological focus and an unreliable narrator (SISTER; GONE GIRL). I’m also open to smart, upmarket women’s fiction (especially with social awareness like J. Courtney Sullivan) and strongly voiced contemporary YA (Nina LaCour; Leila Sales).

Finally, I’m happy to consider books in any genre that have a strong feminist slant.

See All of Jennifer’s #MSWL tweets.

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