Manuscript Wish List™ and #MSWL are designed to answer one crucial question in the submissions process: “What do you wish you had in your inbox?”

Because agents and editors often have broad interests–well beyond what they’ve already sold/purchased on Publishers Marketplace–Manuscript Wish List™ and #MSWL exist to help match writers, agents, and editors with compatible projects.

Here, you can search by genre, agent/editor name, and by more than 1,000 tags. You can also view just agents, just editors, and just editors who take submissions directly from authors, and everyone who takes submissions directly from writers. 

You’ll note that some pages are password-protected. These are to protect the privacy of editors who only accept agented submissions. If you’re an agent or editor, and would like the passwords for those, please visit the Request The Password page. If you have trouble accessing these posts, please try them from this link

And, if you haven’t added your listing, we’d love to have it! Please visit the Submit Your Listing page to see all of our different options–one of which is multiple choice and designed to be done in 45 seconds. Really. We timed!

This is a database designed to help writers, agents, and editors meet fantastic business partners. If you have a success story, please let us know

We hope you’ll love the new Manuscript Wish List™!