Adult Fiction / Historical Fiction / Literary Fiction / Mystery / Suspense / Thriller / Women's Fiction

Stephanie Delman, Sanford J. Greenburger Associates

I represent adult fiction. I’m currently looking for:

  • Near-historical fiction (19th-20th century), especially based on true stories that have been overlooked
  • Literary fiction of all kinds, interesting narrative devices, and coming-of-age novels for adult readers
  • Upmarket women’s fiction and book club fiction, with brave female protagonists (more Jess Walter than Jennifer Weiner); no erotica or romance, please, unless it takes a backseat to the story
  • Certain psychological thrillers, suspense, and literary mysteries; “whydunnit” instead of “whodunnit”

I love narratives that interweave the past with the present, war-era novels, and epic, multi-generational family sagas. I appreciate great prose in many contexts, and I look for writers who are serious about their craft. I would LOVE to find the next Nicole Krauss or Donna Tartt – I know you’re out there!

See all of Stephanie’s #MSWL tweets. 

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