Curated Searches

Now you can do advanced #MSWL searches, with agent-approved search criteria, with one click.

On this page, you can do our Signature Search, which is everything minus spam, pitches, and the like. You can also search by genre with one click!


We’ll be updating this search throughout the day to keep it as relevant as possible. Please help us by using the report misuse form, when applicable.*



Click the text above to see a search that filters out other uses of the hashtag, and blocks people known to misuse it.

Last updated 3:11 pm EST


Coming soon:

The verified (are on this site)** adult fiction agent search:

The verified adult nonfiction agent search:

The verified adult editor search:

The verified adult fiction editor search

The verified children’s fiction agent search:

The verified children’s nonfiction agent search

The verified children’s nonfiction editor search

The verified children’s fiction editor search



*Please note: Basically, if anyone is spamming, pitching, or being unkind, we’ll block them here. You can report them on the Report Misuse page, and we’ll investigate.


** Please note: this does not mean that we think anyone NOT on this page is sketchy. It also does not mean they are not our friends. They are, most likely, perfectly lovely. It just means that Twitter limits the number of handles in an advanced search, and we thought we’d prioritize the people who showed their commitment by joining this site. We appreciate it.

And yes, that does mean that, if you want to be part of this list, you can submit your listing and we’ll add you.



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