Adult Fiction / Historical Fiction / Romance / Suspense / Thriller

Laura Stone, Entangled Publishing

I thoroughly love suspense and thriller romances of all types, and while I’ll definitely take a peek at any of these, I’m currently looking for conspiracy-based thrillers along the lines of National Treasure or a Dan Brown plot with strong romantic arcs. A romantic adventure similar to Romancing the Stone would be wonderful, again with a strong romantic arc. I enjoy a good Viking historical romance, including those based in the Thor mythology. I adore time travel romances. These can include modern-day heroines going back in time to Victorian ages, Viking ages, or to Highlander times, or they can be these same types of heroes from the past coming forward into modern times. I’m also looking for paranormal romances that are not vampire-based and fairytales retold with a new spin for modern times. My favorite tropes include (but are not limited to) fake engagements/fake relationships, disguise or mistaken identity, strong male protectors, and a couple stranded. In any manuscript, I want to see a strong, sexy, smart hero and an intelligent and capable heroine. Above all, make me fall in love.

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