I’m an agent or editor. Is it too late to submit a listing?

Not at all! This is an ongoing project. Please use the form on the Submit a Listing page.


Can I change/update my listing?

Absolutely! Please submit a new listing (you can copy and paste what’s currently up and then edit) with the Submit a Listing form. 


What’s the difference between Genres and Tags?

You can use the genre page to search by, well, genre. To get more specific–to see subgenres, comparative titles, and qualities–use the tag page


How do I submit work to an agent/editor who takes submissions directly from authors?

While some agents and editors have opted to include their submissions email, others prefer you do the following:

  1. Go to their agency/publisher site.
  2. Look up their submission guidelines.
  3. Follow those guidelines, and submit traditionally–usually with an emailed query.

Please do not leave your pitch in the comments. We will not post them, and the agent/editor will not see them. 


How do I submit work to an editor who only takes agented submissions?

Unfortunately, you’ll first have to find an agent–and there are plenty here!–to get your work to that editor.

Please do not submit directly, or s/he may opt to be removed from this site.


Can you forward a note to an editor for me? You’re an agent, so…

I’m sorry, but we are not comfortable doing that.


I’m a writer, and I see that an agent who already rejected my work has asked for something just like it! Should I resubmit? 

In general, no–usually an agent’s answer stands. Unless the agent specifically says s/he is open to seeing works a second time for #MSWL, it’s a firm answer.


I don’t agree with the tags/photo on my listing. 

That’s cool. Please use the Contact Us form.


Why are some of the posts password-protected?

We did this after realizing that some editors–who do not accept unagented submissions–were uncomfortable with the idea of their information being out there. This way, only agents and editors have this information–and no one has to worry about about phone calls like “I know I’m supposed to go through an agent, but I have something JUST like…”


I’m an author. I want the password.

I’m sorry, but the password is only for agents–it’s the only way to make some editors feel safe enough to submit their information here. We will be verifying your identity before sending. 


I have the password, but I’m having trouble accessing the protected posts.

Please try them from https://mswlparagraph.wordpress.com


How do I get the password?

If you’re an agent or editor, and you’ve already submitted your listing, use this form. Once we’ve verified your identity, we’ll send the password to your work email. We respectfully ask that you not share the password.


Why don’t you include contact information for all of the agents and editors?

That’s up to the agent or editor. If s/he wasn’t comfortable putting that on the site, we aren’t about to disrespect that.

You can always Google “[Name] submission guidelines” to find out how to submit.


Would you take on a book like…?

It’s probably best to ask that agent directly. Or–better yet–do your research, and then query him/her.


How long does it take for you to post/update new listings?

That varies. As you can imagine, each post has to go through a human for formatting, tagging, uploading, and Photoshopping. As soon as we can figure out how to get a robot to do this…we will!


I have another question. 

You can use our form below. Please note that, like all of the forms on this site, it automatically logs IP addresses: