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John Silbersack, Trident Media Group

What do you wish you had in your inbox?: I’m eager for all kinds of thrillers and suspense novels, but especially science-based (a la Michael Crichton) and military, and I’d like to see a thriller featuring a female hacker. I’m also interested in repping a gritty procedural series, like those by Peter Robinson or Michael Connelly. In a new direction for my list, I’d like to take on some New Adult, contemporary romance, or erotica, with a particular interest in genre-driven New Adult–think sexy thrillers or fantasy. With SFF, I’m interested in MG/YA fantasy set in the contemporary world and upmarket/literary crossover adult fantasy, as well as hard science science fiction. I also enjoy historical fiction and would love to see MG/YA set in Revolutionary US, Renaissance London, or WWI or, for adults, an epic WWII novel like THE WINDS OF WAR. In nonfiction, I’m seeking writers with excellent credentials writing in science and economic fields, particularly those using original research to write for a popular audience.

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