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Hannah Bowman, Liza Dawson Associates

I’m always looking for great projects in the genres I represent: primarily science fiction, fantasy, and young adult, with a few select projects in other genres of commercial fiction and nonfiction. I’m always looking for more diverse submissions (by writers of color, dealing with issues of sexuality or disability, etc.). Some specifics I’d love to find for my list right now: great adult fantasy novels, whether epic, sword & sorcery, or historical fantasy; hard SF, especially military SF/space opera; SFF with elements of the New Weird; lush crossover fantasy (contemporary or historical) with the gorgeous writing and world of THE MAGICIANS or JONATHAN STRANGE; historical fiction set in the Middle Ages, esp. medieval mysteries like Sharon Kay Penman; popular science or math writing like Jordan Ellenberg’s HOW NOT TO BE WRONG; books by young, smart, progressive Christian thought leaders with something new to say; very high-concept YA, with a fresh commercial premise; fun, flirtatious YA contemporaries. And of course, I’m open to great projects even outside of these specific topics!

See all of Hannah’s #MSWL posts. 

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