Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Historical Fiction / LGBTQ / New Adult / Romance / Women's Fiction / Young Adult

Lydia Sharp, Entangled Publishing

My main interest is YOUNG ADULT with strong romantic elements, in the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary. A high concept plot and strong teen voice are a must. A project that blends genres would also be great, such as sci-fantasy, SF mystery/thriller, contemporary fairytale retelling, or whatever you can think up!

I am also very interested in ADULT contemporary romance and women’s fiction with strong romantic elements. For contemporary romance use of category tropes and quick pacing are a must. For women’s fiction a thematic premise and an engaging voice are a must.

I will consider NEW ADULT romance, any genre, on a case by case basis.

And with ANY of the above, I am always interested in projects with same-sex couples. Always in search of characters that jump off the page, make me love them, hate them, or love to hate them.

A few authors I’ve worked with as of the time of this listing: Shonna Slayton (YA historical fantasy), Alyxandra Harvey (YA paranormal), Sara Wolf (YA contemp), Gaby Triana (YA mystery), Suzanne van Rooyen (NA m/m sci-fi), Susan Meier (contemp romance), Jackie Braun (contemp romance), Coleen Kwan (contemp romance), Jennifer Shirk (contemp romance).

Can’t wait to read your book!
Any submission rules we should know about?: I am an EDITOR with Entangled Publishing. I accept agented and unagented submissions via the submissions portal at Please submit query, 1-3 page synopsis, and full manuscript.

Twitter handle: @lydia_sharp

See all of Lydia’s #MSWL tweets. 

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