Cookbooks / Crafts/DIY / MSWL Paragraphs / Narrative / Nonfiction / Psychology

Maria Ribas, Stonesong

I only represent nonfiction–no fiction, please!

In general, I focus on cookbooks, health & diet, home design, self-help, humor, pets, and other lifestyle categories. I love projects that offer a new solution or new perspective on something and that do it in a practical, approachable way. I also work with narrative titles in the categories of business, women’s issues, inspirational, and psychology. Unique voices and strong platforms always catch my attention.

I would love to see more books rooted in the maker movement–books about how to do DIY/bootstrap your way to any goal. I’d also love to work with more inspirational authors, particularly women who are able to inspire and empower other women.

Oh, and I love everything Southern. (I split my time between Virginia and NYC.)  So send me your Southern food and drink books!

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