Adult Fiction / Fantasy / LGBTQ / Romance / Science Fiction / Young Adult

Saritza Hernandez, Corvisiero Agency

I’m actively acquiring ROMANCE titles in all sub-genres and young adult fiction, new adult and speculative fiction in the Gay & Lesbian market as well as erotica with or without a romantic element.

In the Erotica & Romance market, I’m particularly interested in contemporary romance stories featuring persons of color, intercultural relationships, small-town contemporary romances and historical romance set outside of the Victorian period. Would love to see a historical romance set in 1920s through 1940s or during the 1980s in the South, specifically. Am also looking for hard science fiction romance (space opera, interplanetary adventure with a romance story at its core) and erotica featuring accurate depictions of the BDSM lifestyle.

In the GLBTQ market, I am always looking for more erotic romance and sweet romance stories featuring characters who identify as “queer”. I’m also actively seeking nonfiction, speculative fiction, young adult and new adult GLBTQ titles regardless of a romantic element. (But love a good love story so if it happens to also be a romance, even better!) Would love a sports romance featuring GLBTQ characters in non-traditional sports: lacrosse, extreme sports, martial arts, rodeo, etc.

I’d like to see (Film/TV show/play) in book form:: Sixteen Candles with LGBTQ main characters

Some of my favorite books are:  Feed by Mira Grant, The Maze Runner series, The Fault in Our Stars, Carry the Ocean, Two Boys Kissing, Harry Potter series
My favorite genres are: Romance, SF/F, LGBTQ, New Adult, Gay YA, Gay/Lesbian fiction, Urban Fantasy

Submissions email:
Your Twitter handle: @epubagent

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