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Rena Rossner, The Deborah Harris Literary Agency

In terms of Children’s books I represent Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade and Young Adult. In terms of Adult fiction, I look for Literary, Historical, Fantasy and SciFi, Romance and Thrillers, though I am open to all genres. Nonfiction: in all genres, but it depends on the project. I have a love for history, food, and literary science writing, but am open to anything.

Picture Books: I want funny/quirky books (think Skippyjon Jones,) adorable books that have a classic feel (I love animals and precocious little girls and boys), or books with a strong message (not ones that moralize) but something with an edge – be it historical fiction, an alternative princess story, or a family story that feels familiar but has a different twist.

For Middle Grade and YA, the more literary the better, my first loves are Science Fiction and Fantasy but it has to really stand out in today’s market to work, I also love historical fiction, MG contemporary with a great voice and I’m open to Mysteries/Thrillers.

For YA: Contemporary, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Literary, Nonfiction, anything multicultural and LGBQT friendly too (send me the next Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe PLEASE!).

For the adult market – literary writing above all, but I will always be a sucker for all types of SciFi and Fantasy (I love literary scifi and richly imagined alternate worlds,) all types of fantasy, especially Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy and Magical Realism. Any kind of Literary Fiction, even edgy and gritty, but give me stunning phrases that make you want to stop and read them again and again, and poetic writing. I love all kinds of Historical Fiction (give me the next Outlander, Hild or Pillars of the Earth), but I am open to horror, psychological suspense and thrillers. I love romance in all genres. And I have a soft spot for Ireland.

Nonfiction: I’m a foodie, so any books related to food are right up my alley including cookbooks, but in terms of non-fiction (besides cookbooks), while I am open to them, I wouldn’t say that it’s a genre I know well, having said that, literary writing trumps all, especially in memoir.

I’ll look at novels-in-verse in any genre.

You will steal my heart if there is some kind of Middle Eastern, Israeli, or Jewish setting, theme, or character, in any genre, but those are certainly not the only types of books I represent.

Though I am based in Jerusalem, I represent authors all over the world and about half of my current clients are US-based.
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Twitter handle: @renarossner