Fantasy / Nonfiction / Romance / Science Fiction

Lane Heymont, The Seymour Agency

I am looking for previously unpublished manuscripts. Fantasies outside the realm of Medieval times (any other historical period works) with diverse characters and addressing social issues. Common tropes need not apply. Secondary-world is a harder sell for me, but as long as it’s not based on a western European culture I’ll take a look.

For science fiction, I am looking for literary, military, or the eclectic. No space opera. No little green people. No holograms or comms. Avoid tropes. Show me aliens we’ve never seen or expected. Show me aliens beyond imagination. Think H.P. Lovecraft’s THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE.

For romantic suspense, I want bad ass alpha males, seals, marines, bikers. Dark and gritty. For paranormal romance, show me a culture we rarely see represented. Tribal. Native American. Anything. No werewolves or vampires. Shifters are fine, but keep them weird. For contemporary romance, I’m looking for small-town, flirty, fun, sweet.

For non-fiction, I want anything to do with the sciences written by those respected in their fields. I like WW II history.
Submission rules: For fiction: Query + first 5 pages pasted in the body of your email. Non-fiction: Just a query.

Twitter handle: @LaneHeymont

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