Adult Fiction / Historical Fiction / Middle Grade / Narrative / Suspense / Young Adult

Katie Grimm, Don Congdon Associates

I’m always looking for literary fiction, upmarket women’s fiction, historical fiction, suspense, narrative non-fiction, young adult and middle grade.

More specifically, my taste skews more weird, dark, and international in adult and more timeless than trendy in kids. I want books with a heartbeat, and I’m always delighted when an unusual structure or form functions at a higher level.

Queries with the following topics will always get a closer look: abduction, cults, cross-dressing, monsters, the Reformation, the sea, space, twins, witches, and magic in our world or those imagined.
Any submission rules we should know about?: query letter and first chapter (email preferred, no attachments!)
Submission email: dca at doncongdon dot com

Submissions guidelines:

Twitter handle: @grimmlit

Click here for all of Katie’s #MSWL tweets

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