Adult Fiction / New Adult / Romance

Yelena Casale, City Owl Press

City Owl Press publishes all genres of adult and New Adult Romance (No YA please) except for erotica, as well as speculative fiction with romantic elements.

I am especially looking for strong urban fantasy and paranormal romance, as well as historical romance. I love strong heroines and alpha male heroes who are a good match for the above-mentioned strong heroines. I’m particularly attracted to novels with compelling world-building and strong, realistic character development. City Owl Press is strongly interested in series but we will also accept great stand-alones. Any heat level except erotica.

When submitting to me, please put ATTN: Yelena in the subject line along with QUERY and the title of the manuscript. Paste the query into the body of the email and either paste or attach the 1st chapter. See our submission guidelines for more details:
Submission rules: Please only submit manuscripts that have been through at least two round of edits. These do not have to be professional edits (that’s our job!), but they should be self-edited, beta read, or partner critiqued.
Submission email:
Twitter handle: @yelena_casale

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