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Jessica Schmeidler, Golden Wheat Literary

Current #MSWLs:

1. #MSWL Adult legal suspense steeped in spiritual warfare.

2. Upmarket women’s fiction that exemplifies the meaning of Proverbs 31 through women of valor who transcend gender & circumstance. #MSWL

3. A mystery that makes me want to brew some coffee, throw on a cable knit sweater, and settle down in front of the fireplace. ;o) #MSWL

4. CIA Stew:
2 tbsp truth
4 tsp mystery
1/8 tsp faith
2 cups psychological thriller
Bake in oven until properly edited.
Serve directly to me. #MSWL

5. Historical MGs of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Think “Little House on the Diverse Prairie.” #MSWL

6. I want to sign a writer with the name Winter, so I can legitimately tweet: “Publishers, prepare yourselves. Winter is coming.” #MSWL… sort of.
Any submission rules we should know about?: Please send query, synopsis, and first fifteen pages pasted in the body of your email submission.
Submission email: submissions at

Twitter handle: @thewriteshadow

See all of Jessica’s #MSWL tweets

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