Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Mystery / Nonfiction / Pop Culture / Thriller / Women's Fiction / Young Adult

Melissa Edwards, The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency, Inc.

Pretty much everything I am looking for could be either for adults or teens, depending on the age of the protagonist and the writing. My taste is similar for all age groups (within appropriate boundaries.)

I would love to read something unabashedly girly — fun, light, easy to read, time-sucking fiction. See, e.g. Emily Giffin, Jane Green, Jennifer Weiner, Sarah Dessen. I tend to prefer more mature YA for girls.

I’d like an international thriller with a likeable protagonist. I’d love to see a teenage spy or a parent/kid team taking down a governmental conspiracy. I also like domestic mystery/ Veronica Mars-style PI. Give me a new and surprising murder– not into really grizzly things, but I love a sleuth.

I want to read a novel about a witch of some sort– maybe in school? Accessible, girl-oriented fantasy would be fantastic. I am less interested in high fantasy at the moment– I lack the wherewithal to get entirely entrenched in a world, but I like fantastical elements.

Select pop-culture nonfiction. I’ll know it when I see it. (That’s just entirely unhelpful, sorry.)

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