Fantasy / Middle Grade / Young Adult

Alice Jerman, HarperCollins

I am looking for both YA and MG.

I love to fall in love with characters, so I’m drawn to complex, well-drawn characters that really come to life. I’m also drawn to forbidden love, and beautiful poetic writing.

My wish list is:

  • Romantic, richly imagined fantasy, think The Winner’s Curse or Daughter of Smoke and Bone.
  • I want MG characters I can nurture…and characters I feel like need me to take care of them. So I’d love a coming of age MG, anything with a tender heart, a focus on family, platonic love, memory, and/or the every-day struggles of growing up, making friends, coming out of your shell. Something like El Deafo, Counting By 7’s, and Nightbird.
  • Any realistic novels with an unreliable narrator, or big twisty reveals that turn everything on its head…like We Were Liars.
  • I’m looking for a good (platonic) friendship “break-up” story–whether MG or YA– I’d like to see a story about the first time you lose a friendship. It happens to everyone and it can be the most heart-wrenching thing. I’d love to see it on the page.
  • Something different and unexpected–lovingly crafted and intricately written, something like Midwinterblood (a book I re-read and re-read).

Finally, some other elements I’m on the hunt for: Small town (I’m from New Jersey, so am particular to east-coast small town), recent historical (think ’60’s-’80s), and anything with a ghost.

Please note, I will respond to agented submissions only.

See all of Alice’s #MSWL tweets.

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