Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Literary Fiction / MSWL Paragraphs / Science Fiction

Sam Morgan, JABberwocky Literary Agency

My clients are all unique but the one thing that they all share is a distinct voice. I’m looking for that specific author telling a story only they could tell. Anyone else trying to tell the same story would fail miserably. So bring me the weird and wonderful and wacky.
As for genres I’m mostly looking for fantasy and science fiction (generally in that preferential order). I’ll also consider general lit fic, as long as it doesn’t take itself too seriously and isn’t too pretentious. I love humor, so if it can make me laugh on the crowded subway into the office, it’s for me.
Give me a rom-com hidden in an epic fantasy. Give me a day-in-the-life story for those traditionally featured in SF/F, but aren’t usually the heroes – it’s about time someone told their story. Fascinate me with anti-heroes and fiendish tricksters.
I’m not interested in YA or MG.

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