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Laura Biagi, Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency Inc.

What I’m most interested in finding are books that give me an emotional response, that make me see the world differently, and that contain complex and compelling characters, plots that surprise, and dynamic writing that takes me places I didn’t expect.

Some things I’m especially interested in at the moment: Magical realism in the vein of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a literary fiction journey story where the characters change as much as the landscape around them, absurdism a la George Saunders, anything reminiscent of Karen Russell, strong female edgy voices like Miranda July, a story with a gothic or magical realist twist set in Kentucky or the South, literary YA with Romani characters, and contemporary YA with characters following their passions and trying to figure out life as in Rainbow Rowell’s novels.

And here’s a bit of a broader description of my interests:
Adult literary fiction (contemporary, magical realism, historical, psychological thriller, absurdism, cultural themes, social issues), upmarket women’s fiction, young readers’ fiction (young adult, middle grade, chapter books, and picture books of all types including contemporary realism, historical, magical realism, fantasy, scifi).