Adult Fiction / Historical Fiction / New Adult / Romance / Women's Fiction / Young Adult

Suzanne Evans, Entangled Publishing

For adult romance, I’m looking for historical romance with a good balance between romance and story, though I shy away from westerns and regency. I love suspense with realistic action that can still keep me on the edge of my seat and paranormal that steps out of the confines of vampires and werewolves.

I love new adult romance with relatable MCs, especially in college, but without school or “twenty-something-angst” as the main focus of the story.

For young adult, I want to see contemporary romance that dives into difficult topics. Tropes like rescuer.

In any category, give me cultural exploration and non-traditional settings, MCs I can relate to, category romance with exciting, trope-driven stories, and pirates. Really. Give me pirates.

Submit at to attn: Suzanne Evans.

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