Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Historical Fiction / Magical Realism / MSWL Paragraphs / Science Fiction / Young Adult

Lydia Moed, The Rights Factory

I’m interested in science fiction, fantasy, magic realism and historical fiction – I like books set anywhere except the here-and-now! I’m particularly passionate about increasing diversity in SFF, and am actively seeking writing from marginalised perspectives. I prefer adult fiction, but I do also represent some YA/crossover. Sense of place is very important to me – I’m looking for strong, inventive, immersive world-building, or unusual historical settings brought to life. I’m not so keen on urban fantasy, unless it’s really unusual (and preferably in a non-Western setting), but apart from that I’m open to any subgenre. I have a serious weakness for airships.

See all of Lydia’s #MSWL tweets. 

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