Middle Grade / MSWL Paragraphs / Young Adult

Thao Le, Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

•      More diverse stories (whether it be MG, YA, or adult SFF).
•       Stories with atmospheric writing and lush settings.
•       Epistolary romances (where the couple falls in love without meeting each other, only knowing one another through letters or emails or text message, etc). Mistaken identity is a plus!
•       Unique retellings/re-imaginings of fairytale, mythology, folklore, or classic stories. I love it when these familiar stories are retold in new settings (modernized, futuristic, high fantasy).
•       Villain origin stories (think Walter White in Breaking Bad, going from the sympathetic protagonist to something much darker). Or a story featuring a protagonist that is not quite likeable, but very compelling (think Amy Elliott Dunne in Gone Girl or Frank Underwood from House of Cards). Characters who are unreliable or morally gray.
•       A doomed romance where the protagonist falls in love with the villain (Something like Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo or Basara by Yumi Tamura).
•       Stories with strong friendships. Something in the style of the Fox and the Hound or Thelma and Louise. I’m still waiting for an all-girl gang story. Or one about a clique of adorable (non-judgmental) fanboys.
•       For MG I love creepy/horror stories, but with a lot of heart.
•       I also like MG and YA stories with protagonists who are passionate about something (dance, art, science, etc). And for New Adult stories about characters who are working towards a career/dream.
•       Magic realism that features food (something like Chocolat or The Hundred Foot Journey)

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