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Quressa Robinson, St Martin’s

My interests in fiction include historical fiction—particularly untold stories (Apartheid, the genocide in Rwanda or any other non-European historical events (or something similar to the movie Belle which features a black aristocratic woman in 18th Century England), American history (the Harlem Renaissance, Japanese Internment, Chinese immigration to the West Coast/building of the railroad) with a diverse cast of characters, contemporary, dark, and epic fantasy, and horror.  But, I also love and devour a heavy dose of literary fiction, memoir, science, history, and humor. As a reader and young editor I am most drawn to imaginative and detailed world building and strong voice- or narrative-driven stories. I’m also eager to introduce universal stories featuring diverse characters and protagonists to mainstream audiences.

I grew up surrounded by strong female protagonists and female-driven narratives—Buffy and Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Sarah Conner (Terminator  and Terminator 2), Xena, and Ripley (Alien trilogy)—and would love to see more. I’m particularly looking for complex portrayals that go beyond physical strength such as my forthcoming title SPELLS OF BLOOD AND KIN by Claire Humphrey (2016).

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