Adult Fiction / Cookbooks / Historical Fiction / History / Journalism / Literary Fiction / Magical Realism / Memoir / MSWL Paragraphs / Pop Culture / Science Fiction

Monica Odom, Bradford Literary Agency

I’m currently building my client list with a focus on literary fiction, upmarket commercial fiction and historical fiction, as well as a focus on nonfiction in the areas of voice-driven memoir, pop culture, illustration, food and cooking, history, politics, and current affairs. I’m not looking for romance, military or religion right now.
I’d love to see some magical realism (think The Night Circus) and some compelling speculative fiction (think The Age of Miracles). I’m drawn to sibling bonds, and I love stories about the complexity of family (think The Vacationers). Coming-of-age is one of my favorite themes (again, think The Age of Miracles). I also enjoy stories about young people put into difficult situations, or young people who are off on their own (think The Panopticon or The Death of Bees).