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Julia Alexandra Weber, J. A. Weber Literaturagentur GmbH (Germany)

(Please note that Julia is open to international submissions, and has many American and Canadian clients.)

I’m always looking for contemporary MG, YA, NA, WF, and Romance, and psychological thrillers. I’m more of a realistic kind of girl; it’s hard to make me fall in love with Sci-Fi and Fantasy, though I’m open to Fantasy that’s set in the real world.  I’d love to see stories set at a farm/ ranch, boarding school, summer camp, sports academy, fat camp, or the like. Sports themes are my weak spot — I want all the sports-themed fiction (in my genres). I want an amazing stalker thriller — bonus points if the victim actually knows and trusts the stalker. I’d love to see manuscripts in the vein of ROOKIE BLUE, DAWSON’S CREEK (more Pacey, less Dawson), LITTLE WOMEN (revamped), 13 GOING ON 30, SHE’S ALL THAT, CLUELESS, ELECTION, PLEASANTVILLE, SLIDING DOORS, ONE TREE HILL, CENTER STAGE or FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Most importantly, I want strong voices, even stronger writing, compelling characters, and proper page turners. But four things I’ll never want to find in my inbox are 1) clowns, 2) cannibalism, 3) dolls, and 4) incest.

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