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Sarah LaPolla, Bradford Literary Agency

​​I love books that are character-focused ​, but still have strong narrative arcs and plot development. Whether it’s adult or YA – give me your damaged, your lost, your strong-willed, and your resilient! Passive and/or two-dimensional characters need not apply. I want ​characters in control of their own story, even if they aren’t in control of their own lives. ​ Realistic fiction is my first love, but I’m also craving​ more of​ the following:
Sci-fi – Philip K. Dick, ​Kurt ​Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood, J.G. Ballard, Isaac Asimov, etc…. Books that paint a picture of an entirely different world and make social commentary on our own through unique storytelling. I’m less inclined to represent space opera, but feel free to try anyway!
Magical realism – Aimee Bender,​ ​Haruki Murakami, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Do NOT think the word “magical” implies high fantasy, urban fantasy, ​ ​or paranormal. Magical realism is 90% realism with a teensy bit of the surreal to mix things up.​ ​(Incidentally, ​​ I like my “urban fantasy” like I like my “sci-fi” – with fully imagined​, well-crafted​ world-building!)
Psychological/literary mystery – NOT cozy mysteries/amateur sleuth​. Think Gillian Flynn or Megan Abbott; not Sue Grafton or​ ​Janet Evanovich​.​
​Literary horror​ – Think Shirley Jackson and Ira Levin ​ more than Dean Koontz​. ​
If I don’t specifically mention what you happen to be writing, double check my bio on the Bradford Lit website. When in doubt, just query!

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